On the Hunt for the Best Austin Pest Control Company


As you may know, I have been fortunate enough to live in many different places throughout my life. Whether I was in Europe, U.S. or Australia, one thing I learned through my travels is that no place is perfect. Each home, no matter how beautiful, will have something bothersome, annoying, or down right dangerous. Now that I have settled in Austin, I have come to realize the value in keeping rodents and bugs away from my home. I have come to really appreciate a local  company come to my home every month. They have saved me from what can only be described as traumatic experiences. These are a few:

We have a rather spacious back yard, filled with grass, mesquite trees, and a small garden I planted when we moved in. Our backyard looks over the rolling hills of the texas hillcountry (which looks even better when enjoying a nice merlot). Beyond our backyard, however, is nature to it’s fullest. That being said, there is need for pest control. One day after I had taken a shower, and carelessly thrown my clean clothes onto the floor in lackadaisical laziness, I proceeded to get dressed in a hurry for work. I felt something tickle my thigh, so when I reached down, I felt a horrible pinch, which words (or at least mine) can’t describe. A 2-inch scorpion proceeded to fall out of my pants and along the floor. You would think I would have decided to find a pest control company shortly after this. Unfortunately, you would be wrong.

Although the scorpion incident was a bad experience, after a few weeks of making sure we closed the backdoor leading to our backyard, I had put the experience in my past and had almost gotten over it. One Saturday night, though, when Jeff was out of town on business, I had to take Alex to one of his Austin city league soccer matches. I was running late, so Alex proceeded to move go into the garage to wait for me. The next thing I heard was a high-pitched scream. Thinking he was injured, I quickly rushed into the garage to find a huge rodent possum, which was making its way into our house. With Jeff not there, we had no way of getting the possum to leave our house. You think a cockaroach is bad, try sleeping with an enlarged rat roaming around your home. It was now clear. We had a pest control Problem. Time to find someone to help.

possum pic

The first thing I did was search online for an affordable pest control company. I quickly found ABC Pest, but the experience was nothing short of bad. Let’s just say they didn’t show up. Then, after having our neighbors over for dinner, they recommended a company called Accurate Termite & Pest Control (www.accuratetermite.com). We gave them a call and boy are we glad we did they were phenomenal. Below are where some of the areas in which they excelled.

Customer Service

Brandon was extremely professional and an overall great guy. Him and his team showed up on time and were very efficient in the assessment of our home. They gave us fair pricing and honored their word on every promise/commitment they made.


It worked. Enough said. We have not had any problem with pests, and other rodents like termites ever since they started coming. It is so peaceful to know I can walk around my home knowing there is not some critter wondering around without me knowing.


All that being said, Austin and our new home is a pretty cool place when you don’t have pests lurking at your feet!